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How We Use Biologic Medicine In Our Henderson NV Functional Medicine Practice

Biological and Functional medicine is a system of identifying the multiple underlying co-causes of disease in your body by finding out what biological processes are not working correctly.

In other words, your body is holistic and everything works in harmony together.   And unfortunately when we see patients with one condition, that one condition will often have a flow-on effect in the body and cause other conditions.

For example, when a patient presents to our Functional Medicine practice here in Henderson NV with Hahsimotos, they will often have a 2nd related condition.  It could be diabetes, or chron’s disease or one of the 0ther 188 Autoimmune conditions.

So when you come in for a consultation, we are going to be looking much deeper for not only the cause of your condition but also other. “co-causes” that could be inhibiting your body’s ability to heal.

Once we’ve worked this out, then and only then can we give you the appropriate recommended treatments to get you better.

Remember, A healthy body doesn’t get disease.

Functional Medicine Therapies

We have a variety of therapies included in our care.

Some Functional Medicine Therapies We Use Are:

  • Functional Medicine Nutrition
  • Functional Medicine Vitamins
  • Homeopathy
  • Advanced Healing Modalities
  • Bio-Resonance
  • Micro Current Therapies
  • And More

All of our therapies are designed to get your body and cells working to their best ability.

Once this occurs, it will allow your body to heal as it was intended.

Please know, there is no quick fix with this, as it is not about covering up symptoms like the use of pharmaceuticals will do.

This is about getting to the root of the problem and solving it on a deeper level restoring the body to a healthy state. No matter how advanced drug companies get, it is something that a pill will never be able to accomplish.

Functional Medicine Consultation

First and foremost we must do advanced testing.

Advanced Functional Medicine Testing Includes

  • physical testing
  • urinalysis and
  • blood work

As well as the tools we mentioned above which will allow us to find out what is really going on with your body.

And please know our testing may on the surface look similar to other tests you have had done before, but we go much deeper.  We’ll be looking for hidden causes such as:

  • Organic toxins:  Mold, viruses, bacteria, fungal
  • Environmental toxins:  Heavy metals like mercury, lead and nickel
  • Nutritional imbalances:  Do you have the proper diet?
  • Food allergy testing:  Could you be allergic to the foods you crave?
  • Inflammation:  Not just a sprained ankle, but when every single cell in the body is inflamed causing hormonal problems, weight gain and every major disease known to man.

What happens after we do our testing?

We then sit down one on one with you to outline a complete restoration program.  For whatever condition you have come in with and any additional conditions or problems our testing finds.

All of the procedures you receive are done naturally without medications through the course of diet, supplementation, homeopathic medicines and others.

· Detoxification programs

· Inflammation control programs

· Immune system regulation/stimulation

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