Neurologic Relief Centers Technique

Neurologic Relief Centers Technique is a powerful technique for balancing the body to allow for massive healing.  Simplistically, when your brain signals, it sends out a signal in one way or another:  It either speeds things up or slows things down.  When your body is capable of healing, it is predominately in the slowed down state.  We call this the parasympathetic branch of your nervous system, responsible for sleeping, digestion and healing.  If your body feels that it is under stress, it speeds things up.  This is your sympathetic nervous system or what people will typically refer to as “fight or flight.”  Almost all disease comes with an imbalance of these systems, typically towards Sympathetic Dominance, and this will not allow the body to heal.  Think of it this way, you cannot be in crisis and healing at the same time.  The NRCT technique is a fast and powerful way to rebalance those systems, not only allowing the body to heal on a deeper level, but the balancing of these systems can bring significant relief of symptoms and pain on its own.