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Transforming Healthcare.

How & why Superior Health Solutions is focused on transforming healthcare by solving the most complex health challenges.


Problem We Solve.

Traditional medicine is not designed to find and heal the root cause of complex health challenges.

Our Mission

To revolutionize health care by challenging the status quo of today's antiqued "sickcare" system.


Our Principles

Results Oriented.

Our number one care is patient results.  It is why we are constantly bringing new equipment and treatment options into the fold.  Use the right tool, for the right person, and the right time and the outcomes you want will be there.  No one size fits all here, to get results it has to be custom tailored to what the individual needs.

Solution Focused.

No band aids on bullet wounds.  Most medical care just focuses on managing symptoms without ever trying to get to the actual cause of the problem.  Just like if you see “get rich quick” schemes on the internet, the same applies in healthcare.  Getting to the cause is more involved, but it is a complete job.  Not only are you better short term, but long term as well.


Sometimes natural care gets thought of like voodoo magic. But to the contrary, all things that we do are hardcore backed in science. Science has come a massively long way to understanding more about how the human body works and how we can help it stay or restore health. There is always a reason why things happen, cause and effect.

Bleeding Edge Research.

I hate the term cutting edge, because everyone uses it even for basic things. In dealing with some of the more complicated problems around, we bring the most up to date research to the table to guide us in what needs to be done to get results. The American Medical Association says that clinically we are 18 years behind the research. That is unacceptable. If we are to get results in chronic complicated issues, we need to stack the deck in our favor as much as possible and use everything at our disposal to get a favorable result.

Patient Partnership.

This is a collaboration effect between us and our patients. We cannot solely be responsible for your health. But at the same time getting well is complicated and there needs to be an expert guide. We want you to understand what is going wrong with your health and empower you to be in control. We will work with you on how we can help, and what you can do to help yourself to handle your health challenges once and for all.

Integrative Approach.

Diet, exercise and vitamins are all great- but are they the only things we can do to improve our health?  In the 2020’s, technology has come so far that allows us to be able to affect things that 20 years ago we would have had no option against.  A more modern approach is needed and available.  Most problems now are solved through technology, why would health care be any different?

Simple Application.

Reality is complex problems require complex solutions. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something. Our job is to take the complicated science behind what is causing your challenge and create as simple of an application as we can to get you the best possible results without it becoming all consuming of your life. You can live your life to be healthy, but we want you to be healthy so you can live your life. 20% of effort brings 80% of results. What are your 20% of things you need to do?

Founder's Word

Dr. Rob DeMartino

Why was Superior Health Solutions created?
Here is something that you might not know about me.  What I am about to share has changed the course of my life.  It’s about the time my parents sat me down for a serious talk. 

Before all that my parents tried for seven years to get pregnant with me to no avail.  They already had my sister, but even with the long term help of all kinds of fertility treatment nothing worked. 

They finally got pregnant with me only after they stopped trying.  Ask my Mom and she will still call me her “miracle baby.” But six months after I was born, my older sister started to have some health challenges. 

She developed pain around her left knee.  Amongst all the doctors that my parents took her to see, the diagnoses ranged from nothing wrong, to growing pains, to wanting attention, to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, until finally they found that it was an aggressive form of bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. 

As you could imagine from that point on, I wanted to be a doctor.  My parents did everything they could, and she fought the fight for almost a full ten years, before 5 weeks short of turning 17 my older sister passed away from the cancer. 

I was completely devastated and stress out, and three months later I got sick.  I began having the most incredible migraines that were completely debilitating.

I would see spots in my eyes, like someone flashed a camera in them, and from that point I had 45 minutes to get myself someplace safe before the migraine got to full force.

Didn’t matter what I did, what medications they gave me, once it started I was in trouble.

I would have to go in a dark  and quiet room, cover my head in the blankets while trying not to move until I finally would throw up from the pain.

Then after that, I would pass out and sleep for 10 hours to recover.  This happened to me multiple times a week for FOUR years.  It was truly awful.

I missed school, I missed friends, I missed fun, I was missing life.

My parents, who are truly amazing people, took me to so many doctors looking to get me help.

And finally my life changed when I went to the chiropractor.  Ironically, I didn’t go to see him for my headaches, but one time I was feeling well enough I went out to play basketball and hurt my lower back. 

Luckily for me he did a full exam and found that my neck was so twisted that it was putting pressure on my spinal cord and causing my headaches.

Being perfectly honest, at first I didn’t believe he could do anything to help my headaches, I mean I didn’t even go there for that! But at that point I was willing to try anything and started under his care and the rest was history.

Within 2 weeks my headaches were gone and gone for good.  After going to doctor after doctor for 4 years with zero results, I became obsessed with natural healing.  In fact that chiropractor took me to my first seminar when I was 14 years old, and I knew that is what I wanted to do with my life.

I went through school and eventually went to chiropractic school- when about 2 months after I got there my parents came to visit- and they sat me down for that serious talk.

My Mom tells me she has been diagnosed with leukemia and the numbers didn’t look good at all.  They said this particular type typically had an 8 year life expectancy, but her numbers weren’t good.

It was at then and there I knew I had to start learning as much as I could, about as many healing styles as I could, so I could support her through this.  We’ve been through it before as a family, but I was determined to make the outcome this time different.

Once I graduated and started my own practice, I got involved in my Mom’s health care.

We employed many different healing ideas and technologies, and slowly but surely her health started to improve.

Once we saw that power of that style of treatment, we began offering those types of treatment in our office only to find that they helped in many different types of conditions.

I’m happy to report been 19 years since my Mom has been diagnosed, and she is doing great.Through all those things, I found my calling and purpose.

To make sure that people who are suffering with a chronic disease, even if they were told there were no options, know that there are things that they can do to improve and reclaim their health.

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