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What Is Infertility?

In general, infertility is defined as not being able to get pregnant (conceive) after one year (or longer) of unprotected sex. Because fertility in women is known to decline steadily with age, some providers evaluate and treat women aged 35 years or older after 6 months of unprotected sex.


Most fertility treatment, the pure design of it is to try and help you get pregnant right now, no matter what your health status is. So take something like IVF therapy, which has worked for many people, but if you are watching this video, I am guessing it either hasn’t worked for you or you are looking for a different option. In IVF, they are attempting to create fertilization outside of the body, and then hoping that your body will be able to hold it and take it from there. Or they are giving you hormones trying to get them back into balance, without ever asking why your hormones are out of balance in the first place. The problem that arises is that it rarely ever really addresses the underlying reason as to WHY you can’t get pregnant. Whether its hormone issues, or thyroid problems or endometriosis- there are typical reasons as to why this is happening. This is also the reason why most people average doing 3 IVF treatments that cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $57,000. Its stressful, its nerve wracking, and its blaming. And honestly, those aren’t feeling that are conducive to getting pregnant. What we always have to hold onto is that the purpose of this is not just to get pregnant, but it is to have a happy and healthy baby. I mean we are literally asking you, as a Mom, to create a human being- from scratch, using your own materials. When you stop and think about that, it really is quite incredible. And we want to make sure that we can support you, and your family, not just in the here and now, but setting up for long term health and happiness as well.


What makes us different in our approach, is that we realize that there is something going on health wise that isn’t allowing this very natural process to happen. Sometimes, there is an underlying health problem that is in the way, sometimes the body is literally too tired to create another person from scratch. So the first step in figuring this out getting the proper testing done so we can look at the most common things that will hold this up. Now you may have already done a series of testing, but if this still isn’t working, we have to look a level deeper for something underlying. From that testing, that allows us to find where the block is. What is stopping the body from turning that corner. By the time that is done, you will know exactly what is holding you back. Then lastly, once we can find out what that is, we can quickly start to address the problem. Now most of the problems in this area are usually not addressed because frankly there many great solutions for it in from a medical pharmaceutical perspective- which is why they skip that step and just try and handle the fertility outside of the body. Think of it like a cell phone, if your phone battery is running out too quickly, then you can’t do everything you want. Nothing solves that problem except charging your phone. So what happens if your body need recharging? What if the charge or voltage of your organs are too low?


Luckily technology has advanced far enough that we can use Bioelectronics, technology designed in the healthcare space to re-charge your body in the specific ways that you would need it, so that we can get you healthy and strong enough so that your body can get and hold a pregnancy and get you and your family what you want which is a happy and healthy baby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Unique About Superior Health Solutions?

Superior Health Solutions is a facility designed to care for chronic & complicated health challenges using all natural, non-invasive methods.

We do this by combining the most up to date research on the most difficult to solve problems, combined with multiple different advanced biotechnologies literally designed to increase the healing process.

While we do work with you on how to make simple, but impactful lifestyle changes like diet and vitamins that is not all that we do.

You won’t be leaving out of here with a shopping bag full of vitamins and the world’s most strict diet plan and told to come back in a few months to see how you did with it.

Who is Superior Health Solutions right for?

If you have one of the one of the conditions listed on the site, and you are ready to make a change to regain your health and do what it takes to have that happen, then a conversation to see what is possible is in order.

This needs to be a collaborative approach between both sides. This is right for someone who is willing to invest in their health to take back control of what you have lost. We are typically not the first office that people come to, we are typically the doctors of last resort.

I have sat with so many people, some with incredibly significant problems, but the people that start working with us are usually moved at being at rock bottom. Now I hope you are not there.

But people who usually enter our world are tired, frustrated, tried almost everything and motivated to do something different.

If you need a big sales pitch or convincing that this health problem is important enough to deal with, then I’m not the guy for you.

I’m here to give you the information that you need in order to make a good decision.
This is right for the person, who is tired of conventional medicine and not getting the results that they want and are looking for more innovative approaches to get results.

In order to accept you as a patient into care, we have to willingly not accept someone else. So you will have our 100% commitment to you and figuring this out, so we ask you for the same commitment.

What To Expect When You Come In?

We go through a multi-step process of evaluating your specific health challenge.

First, we will go through a detailed conversation with you to get all the information on what you are experiencing and where you want to go with your health.

We will also review any test results that have been run on you in the past, so please be sure to bring those with you.

Next, we are going to run tests on you that you have probably never seen before, Don’t worry, they aren’t painful.

But they are tests that most doctors miss that gives us the advantage to be able to pinpoint exactly what is going on with your body.

We don’t want to operate with only a fraction of the information, we want to operate with all the right data.

From there we will get you scheduled for a follow-up visit typically within a day or 2 and we are going to cover everything that we found.

Finally, based off all that information, we will develop and design a unique care plan for you. Finances will be discussed at this time, so please bring anyone involved in the decision making process.

How Much Does Care Cost?

To be fair, while I would love to give you a specific number, without knowing your specific health details I could either give you a number that is too high, or too low.

Since we custom our care based on what conditions and specific findings a patient presents with, we need to have that data first before we can give you an accurate answer.

But all of that will be discussed at length before a care plan is presented.
To give you an example, in traditional medicine care, for Multiple Sclerosis patients spend about
4 million dollars in care over their lifetime - which is astronomical - and they still end up being sick and progressing.

Our program for MS is a tiny fraction of that.

With that being said, we want you to be able to get the type of care that you deserve and the results that you want.

If we determine it’s a good fit, all costs of care will be spoken about before we move forward.

Because of the level of care, amount of care and time dedicated to each case that we spend, we will prepare a custom care plan and resolve the finances before any care begins.

We also have financing programs that work with a very high acceptance rate.

Do You Accept Insurance?

We would love it if insurance companies and all kinds of healthcare put their differences aside and focused on what really matters - you the patient and all worked together to help you get better.

Unfortunately that is not the case.

Any kind of care that is designed to prevent or improve your health is not considered medically necessary.

I know, I know that sounds crazy - but all traditional care follows medicare guidelines - which is why they only cover prescriptions and surgery.

If there was a treatment out there right now that was covered by your insurance companies, that your doctors could get paid for - They would have offered it you already.

The covered treatment that you most likely have already received isn’t going to get you different results than you are currently getting.

We had a very real choice:

Either offer what everyone else offered and get the same results that someone else pays for, or step outside of the insurance box and get the patients the results that they deserve even if they are responsible for the cost.

The patients that we work with are tired of what their insurance is willing to pay for because it keeps them stuck, frustrated and sick.

If what we offered was more of the same, what would be the point of us working together?

You would get the same outcome as you got before.

As an example, the thyroid patients that we see are still being treated the way it was designed originally in 1964- and there is nothing new coming for them.

You deserve better.

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